Quick! You have 15 minutes on the clock! Remember to save time for presentation! Clean your plate! 5,4,3,2,1,Time is up! Stop Cooking!!


To all Masterchef fans out there I’m sure this sounds familiar to you. I happen to love the show and was over the moon when my friend Helena took me to the popup Masterchef Dining and Bar in the Rocks.




We arrived at Circular Quay and spotted the famous Masterchef Sign. The tent was filled with plenty of atmosphere with lively music playing in the background, and people everywhere enjoying food in the large open restaurant. The staff were extremely friendly and we were entertained most of the night by the bar tender who was a real comic.



We shared two cocktails- my first legal drink! The Blood Peach Bellini consisted of peach and raspberry puree, orange and peach bitters topped with Martini Prosecco. It had a fruity flavour and there was a strong punch of peach.

Blood Peach Bellini

Blood Peach Bellini

We also enjoyed the Ginger Spritz- a combination of citrus-infused vodka, Martini Bianco, fresh lemon and orange topped with ginger ale. I preferred this cocktail, as the ginger was subtle and refreshing.

Ginger Spritz

Ginger Spritz

To accompany our drinks we chose the Antipasto Perfetto including marinated Sandhurst olives and vegetables, brasserie bread and sliced meats. This was adapted from Jules who made her mark in series 4 with this plank of antipasto. I loved dipping the fresh sourdough bread in the pesto and topping it with sundried tomatoes with a slice of artichoke. The pesto was salivating! It was creamy and full of basil. I enjoyed my first taste of artichoke and green pickles.

Antipasto Perfetto

Antipasto Perfetto



The menu described the vegemite caramel chocolate cups as a must-try mouthful so we had to order them! In series 4 Julia’s invention challenge of vegemite ganache features in these tarts. We were a bit hesitant at giving them a go but I’m glad we did because they were exquisite! The filling was unbelievably smooth and the chocolate combined with the subtle hint of saltiness from the vegemite was delicious. They tasted like salted caramel tarts but with a unique twist of the vegemite. I’m eager to make them!


Vegemite caramel chocolate cups

Vegemite caramel chocolate cups

We peaked over the veranda to spot chefs such as Cassie Delves whiz up food for diners. We were also lucky enough to meet Audra Morrice. The whole experience was surreal and I felt like a contestant cheering on my fellow companions- If only! Thank you to my friend Helena for an incredible night!



As George Calombaris would say- BOOM BOOM SHAKE THE ROOM!

missemzyy xox



  1. Baking With Gab

    September 16, 2013

    Hey Miss Emzyy! Those caramel cups look amazing – I can’t wait to see how they go if you make them! I believe you entered my mini jam jar competition, if you’d still like the jam, inbox me your address on Facebook and I’ll send it your way 🙂

  2. House in Tillford

    May 15, 2014

    I so hope they do this again this year! I missed it last year cause i came back feeling broke so had to give it a pass. I assume you are watching the new season?

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