With an unexpected holiday to Thailand and an upgrade to business class- life was pretty sweet! We were flying Qantas for the first time in a few years and as with most flights wished they were over before they even started! 


Food is not something you look forward to however it allows you to fill in about half an hour on a nine hour flight! To our amazement the journey in every way- service, comfort and food was exceptional.


Neil Perry’s menu is interesting and diverse. A warm bowl of creamy cauliflower soup sprinkled with toasted hazelnuts, eschalots and breadcrumbs was rich and comforting. Fresh, vibrant asparagus and green peas in a Ligurian olive salad showcased the natural flavours of autumn. 


There was a wonderful balance of flavours in the tomato, chickpea, spinach and paneer curry. It was mild and tasty. The basmati rice and roti canai was a great accompaniment and soaked up the delicious sauce. 


How can you go wrong with meat and three veg?! A juicy beef fillet with potato gratin, broccoli and mushroom accompanied with a green peppercorn sauce was simple yet delightful.

IMG_2190We opted for a light dessert. Passionfruit ice cream and fruit served with a cup of tea and a Valrhona chocolate- perfect before drifting off to sleep. 

IMG_2195IMG_2198Missemzyy xox 


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  1. Peter White

    October 11, 2014

    “Come fly with me. Come fly away!” Very Good.

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