Now that my blog is up and running again. I thought I would share with you my surprise weekend away!


Oh my god, I didn’t realize turning twenty would be such fun! Friday afternoon my boyfriend Omar and I hit the road and drove to Berry. We were singing at the top of our lungs! We arrived and whilst I dreamt of ice cream and the beach; Omar was secretly planning our adventures ahead.



At the break of dawn I hear a voice in my ear saying “Morning sunshine”. Omar takes my hand and leads me into the kitchen. A hot breakfast is laid out with a pot of tea and my favourite- yogurt, fruit and plenty of cinnamon. This is only the beginning. Gentlemen if you are reading this- start taking notes!



I’m told to hop in the car, wear something comfortable and relax- I wasn’t arguing! I start to wonder where he was taking me, especially after seeing my bags packed in the back of the car! We arrive at Jervis Bay. How Beautiful!


Pristine white sand, clear blue water and sun was just what the doctor ordered. We took a stroll across the beach and laid down in the heat. All of a sudden what I think is a flock of birds attacking my head is an excited dog jumping all over me! By the time Omar intervened all of my makeup was licked off!! Time for lunch I think!



After enjoying some delicious fish and chips, we resumed our journey with me thinking we are heading back home. But no, I am then driven to a wharf where we stand on a rock and watch the waves splash up from a blowhole. The wind moves through my hair, I am happy and in my element.



I am asked to get some towels out of the boot and to my surprise there is a gorgeous bouquet of flowers along with a card stating, “You hold the key to my heart”.


I have no idea where I am at this stage and am told that we are going home. Man am I gullible! I look down at my phone, scroll through my Instagram and upload a photo. I look up and we are outside a very nice motel. I am one lucky lady!


I have butterflies in my stomach from the thought of what other surprises he has up his sleeve. We climb onto some hammocks in the backyard and take this moment to smile and enjoy our time together.


It’s time to get ready for dinner and I try my hardest to get him to tell me where we are going next. I am finally convinced we are dining at an Italian restaurant. I put on my coat and wait in anticipation.


It’s dark and I can hardly see out of the car window. We are only driving for about five minutes and he say’s, “We are here”. I am so confused; we are in the middle of nowhere! I start looking for a sign and as I turn my head to the left, a glowing post reads “Bannisters”. I am speechless. What! We are in Mollymock? I look at him and try to hold my tears from running down my face. I am the happiest girl right now. I have wanted to dine at Bannisters for a long time and now I can tick it off my bucket list!


Bannister’s is Celebrity Chef Rick Stein’s fine dining restaurant. The menu specializes in seafood with a twist of European, Asian and Mediterranean flavours. Although it is quiet busy on a Saturday night, the ambiance is casual and relaxing.


We start with a platter of fresh tiger and vannamei prawns with aioli along with crunchy bread rolls, local olives and seaweed butter. For entrée’s we both enjoy truffle and prawn risotto and for mains Omar opts for a spicy seafood curry with rice, mango chutney and naan bread while I have the snapper fillet with concasse tomato and vanilla vinaigrette. Yum!!



I am then surprised with a gooey chocolate fondant and ice cream with happy birthday written on the side. When I think my birthday couldn’t get any better we head over to the lounge and I beat Omar twice at chess!

It was certainly a weekend to remember! Thank you Omzyy!! <3 <3 

Missemzyy xox 





September 23, 2015



  1. Kim

    September 23, 2015

    How cute!

  2. Peter White

    September 23, 2015

    How romantic!

  3. Omar

    September 23, 2015

    Awwwww babe <3 Thank you so much babe for your nice words, I want you to know that you are the most amazing person I've ever met and you deserve the best of the best honey <3 . This weekend away is nothing compared to your kindness my gorgeous girl, I'm so glad that you had a nice time away babe. I want you to know that I'm so proud of you Emma and you should be proud of yourself for all of what you've done so far. I'm sorry my writing isn't good as much as your but I'm trying 😛 I love you Em and you're the best writer, blogger, chef and girlfriend <3

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