Katoomba was my first weekend escape with Omar. There is something special about the first time you travel with a loved one, even if it’s only a short trip.

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I hadn’t been to The Blue Mountains since my excursion in primary school but I still remember the chilly weather hitting us as we got out of the bus. Exiting the car suddenly brought back these memories. I quickly put on my jumper and scarf then headed towards The Three Sisters Lookout.




It came as no surprise that this tourist attraction was full of people. We quickly found a spot to take photos. What a beautiful view of the Jamison Valley!!

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The township of Katoomba is full of hidden treasures. Omar enjoyed his first taste of kangaroo while I opted for bruschetta and a cup of tea. We then, of course had to visit Scenic World!




What a load of fun! The views of the valley are spectacular, particularly looking down through the glass floor of the Skyway. Omar nearly had a heart attack when I started jumping up and down! It was then his turn to scare the living daylights out of me. Next stop- The Scenic Railway!





What’s more terrifying than a 52 degree inclining railway ride? Sitting right up the front with Omar adjusting the seat so that it tilts forward! Not happy Jan!



We take a stroll along the walking track and admire the sculpture exhibition. What really caught our attention was a tree growing through a baby’s cot alongside a hanging mirror. This was accompanied by a sound recording of a babies cry playing in the background. How creepy!

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It was getting dark and time to head back. We jumped in the car and made a quick visit to the famous Chocolate Factory. A rich hot chocolate warmed us up and I am still reminiscing about their dried figs coated in chocolate!

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We enjoyed our time in Katoomba. It was one of those trips I will never forget. We found a cosy motel to stay the night, went out for a delicious Indian meal at the Three Sisters Spice and watched a scary movie in bed whilst eating a carton of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream! This is the life!

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We are so lucky in Australia to be able to visit such a magnificent place, which only takes one hour by car. I intended this post to be short and full of photos as a little keepsake memory. Can’t wait to visit again soon and hike the trail of Minihaha!

Missemzyy xox 


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  1. Omar

    November 11, 2015

    Babe <3 <3 the best thing happened to me in my life !!! this trip is unforgettable with all the lovely things we've done together :'), our first trip away from Sydney <3 your nice words brought tears to my eyes as I had the best time away with you Missemzy 🙂 a wonderful blog and cute blogger 😉 I'm so proud of you my soulmate ! I can't express how much I'm proud of your blog and how unique is your writing <3 kisses and love from your number one fan :*

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