When mum and I found out that Maggie Beer was having her “Winter Harvest” book launch at the Essential Ingredient in Roselle, we jumped at the chance. As seen on television, Maggie lights up a room. Her smile and passion for cooking are so refreshing.


Maggie is known for her food philosophy of cooking from the heart and using fresh seasonal produce. Interestingly enough she has never had any culinary training and taught herself how to cook. She grows all of her own produce and has a pheasant farm in the Barossa Valley.


Her “Winter Harvest” cookbook revolves around slow cooked meals and three main ingredients consisting of citrus, root vegetables and extra virgin olive oil. She emphasizes that winter is all about citrus. It is the season of lemons, oranges, limes and pink grapefruit. She says that citrus makes everything better and extra virgin olive oil provides a scent, finishes off a meal and makes it come to life.


We were so happy to be informed about The Maggie Beer Foundation, creating an appetite for life. After hearing negative concerns of aged care, Maggie wanted to make a change and provide the elderly with good honest meals they can look forward to. I couldn’t agree more! Although it is a huge challenge, with the help of others she hopes to make a difference.


Maggie signed me a copy of her book and we talked about my work as a chef. She told me, “It’s hard work and you have to love it!”. She is such an inspiring woman who has done what she loves and followed her dreams. We are looking forward to next week’s episode of The Great Australian Bake Off!

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Missemzyy xox 


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  1. kim white

    November 12, 2015

    she is an amazing woman

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