Schkinny Maninny Detox Cleanse

July 2, 2016 Comments Off on Schkinny Maninny Detox Cleanse

(This is a sponsored product review. All opinions are my own) 

Every Sunday my family and I like to enjoy a light meal to start the week off feeling fresh and energized. Coming from a Lebanese background and having a father who is an incredible cook, we eat extremely well. We believe that the key to having a good balanced diet is to eat everything in moderation.

I also think that undergoing a detox once a year is a great way to cleanse the body. Having said that, this isn’t for everyone and it needs to be carried out in a relaxed environment.


I was approached by the company Schkinny Maninny to try out their three day detox program and was eager to give it a go. I was given several programs to chose from and decided to go with the juice, soup and salad cleanse to have a bit of variety.


The Schkinny Maninny detox cleanse is not a weight loss program. Although shedding a kilo or so can be a benefit. Instead, the cleanse helps boost your immune system, combat viruses and fight allergies to food. It also improves your digestion, promotes clear glowing skin and eyes, increases your energy levels and assists in developing new eating habits. It may even increase your chances of falling pregnant.


Every morning I woke up to find an esky outside my front door containing three cold pressed juices, one soup and a salad, detox tea, psyllium husk, bath salts as well as a little tub of seeds to munch on. I was also given an information card everyday describing the process of the detox as well as a list of do’s and don’t and an email for further support. The service was fantastic and I liked that the menu was labeled in order, indicating which one to have before the other.


My motivation on day one was high and I was excited to face the challenge. As recommended I had a light meal of salmon and salad the night before. I enjoyed my first green juice named the “water frog” a mix of spinach, parsley, kiwifruit, watermelon and orange. It was refreshing and the orange made the drink slightly sweet.



At morning tea, whilst my father was trying to tease me with homemade cornflake cookies, I got into the “Triple C”, a lovely concoction of carrot, celery, apple and cucumber.


Unfortunately the soups were quite unappetising, especially the “Colly, Meg and Lee” soup on day one. The garlic just overpowered the whole meal and the bright green colour was not appealing. 


By 3pm a headache had set in so I opted for a cup of detox herbal tea. I particularly enjoyed the afternoon juice called the “rocky orange show” and the pear, rocket, green beans, walnuts, continental cucumber and goji berry salad for dinner. The serving of salad was generous compared to the two other salads for day two and three. However it tasted delicious and I loved the walnuts which gave it texture.



By day two the headache grew even worse and I was feeling tired and cranky. I felt like I had the flu and suffered from aches and pains. I hedged at the thought of having another green juice for breakfast. Thankfully the “Leap frog” juice tasted nice however after an hour or so I was feeling “head hungry” and wanted something satisfying.


Before lunch I opened the “pine root” a blend of beetroot, pineapple, apples, carrot and ginger. It was sweet and the flavour of the beetroot was subtle and gave the drink a lovely earthiness to it. Sadly the lentil soup was displeasing, had a weird texture and left me with a bitter tomato aftertaste.


I slept the whole day as I could not take the headache anymore and submerged myself in a hot bath containing the bath salts to further draw out the toxins in my body. Before dinner I enjoyed the “pink sherbet” drink made of watermelon, lemon, apple and cucumber. The lemon was quite powerful however it was hydrating and gave the drink that “sherbet” sensation.


Dinner was a Mexican bean mix which I heated on the stove with the dressing and a dash of water. It was enjoyable however after a short while I was feeling ravenous so I decided to have a banana.


On day three I woke up feeling fresh and full of energy. It was like a new me! My headache had toned down a bit and I was able to get on with my day. I consumed the “leap frog” juice and the “pine grapple” for morning tea. I enjoyed both of them but I must admit I was happy that it was the last day of the detox!




Unfortunately I could not get through the butter seed soup. It was unappetizing and bright green! Luckily for the “super salad” juice containing a mix of pear, apple, rocket and ginger.


Finally my last meal was the chickpea hotpot with Tuscan spices. It was pleasant however it got a bit soggy from the tomato juices.


Overall I am happy with how well the detox went. I feel the healthiest I have been for a while now and my skin has improved out of sight! The detox has also made me conscious of what I consume on a daily basis and I have been focusing on eating more fruit and vegetables. I would recommend the Schkinny Maninny detox to anyone who wants to cleanse their system, be healthy and kick those bad eating habits out of the window.


Missemzyy xox